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The Aircraft: J-34  [mallard aviation]

1948 Grumman Turbine Mallard (G-73T)

Registration: VP-CLK (Cayman Islands)

  -  Amphibious capability

  -  Turbine reliability

  -  Extended range and high speed

  -  Extremely heavy construction

  -  Big payload

  -  Certified for single pilot operation

  -  First class executive interior

  -  Easily adaptable cabin configuration

VP-CLK Turbine Mallard port beach image

The versatility of J-34's design has never been surpassed

Turbine Mallard Performance   (Nautical

Range with Max Payload statute miles      

NBAA IFR Range     Seats full

                                      Tanks full

Rate of Climb all engines, MTOW

Rate of Climb one engine out, MTOW

Typical fuel burn for flight planning:
600 lbs/hr below 10,000 feet=175 kts T.A.S.

600 lbs/hr at 14,000 feet=190 kts T.A.S.

Weight (pounds)

Max. Take-off

Max. Landing  -  water


Basic Operating

(includes 200 lbs. for crew and typ. equip.)

Useable Fuel

Max. Payload

Max. Zero fuel weight


Total length                                             

Total wingspan                                     

Total height at tail section, from ground line

















48' - 4"

66' - 8"

18' - 9"


Turbine Mallard Water Capabilities

Global travel demands J-34's excellent water capabilities.  At maximum weight in the water, the aircraft draws 2-6".  Once it is up on a step, it draws less than 5".  The turbine conversion makes J-34 extremely maneuverable for docking or positioning into "tight spots".  Beta (reverse) and multi-engines allow for easy back up or turn-around, basically on the spot.  Or, maneuver nose up and easily attach/detach to or from moorings using the nose hatch with single pilot operations. It is also useful to extend the undercarriage in the water and taxi onto a ramp or hard shoreline.  In remote locations, one can back the aircraft onto a sandy beach for easy exit.  If the bottom is friendly, leave the gear up and rest right on the sand or silt.   If bottom conditions are unknown, lower the gear and taxi to protect the hull. This is very effective in an unfamiliar area.

The Turbine Mallard operates well in water with limited access. In particular, it can touch down and come to a stop in less than a quarter mile.  On takeoff, one can turn quite sharply while coming on a step if a straight path is not possible, and then continue turning to complete a comfortable takeoff.  This is handy when operating on small bodies of water, rivers, amongst reefs or when using the lee of an island to get calmer conditions. 

Easy access to Lizard Island, Australia


  Century 2000 Autopilot: 3 axis, coupled, w/flight director,

     yaw damper
  Switchable to #2 Nav/Compass system

  1 Collins ALT-50 Radar Altimeter

  1 Collins Safety Program 98:

      TCAS l l  (Version 7.0)

      Turbulence/Weather Radar

      Multifunction Display

      Dual Mode-S Diversity transponders

  1 Garmin GPS 155 TSO Global Positioning System I.F.R.

     Approach Cert. w/Worldwide Database

  1 Marconi CMA 734 Arrow Omega/VLF w/Evergreen TAS system

  1 Foster Airdata LNS 616B RNAV/LORAN w/Worldwide Database

  2 King KR87ADF

  2 King KY196 Comm.

  2 King KN53 Nav.

  2 King KN63 DME

  2 King KMA24H Audio Panel

  1 King KN72 VOR/LOC Converter

  1 King KNI 582 RMI

  1 King KI207 VOR/LOC Indicator

  1 King KHF 950 HF System w/loaded Ant.

  1 King KCS55A Compass Sys. w/
  1 King 1525A PNI

  1 Century 52C77-4 Steering Horizon

  1 Collins C-4 Compass Sys. w/331A-3G HSI

  1 United 5035P2-P44 Encoding Altimeter

  1 IDC Encoding Altimeter

  1 IDC Altitude Alerter

  1 Bendix MK 28C Marker Beacon

  2 Flitetronics PC-15B Inverters

Cabin Information - See Interior photos

Passenger Cabin H/W/L in ft.         5.8 x 5 x 20

Passenger Cabin Volume cu. ft.                 580

Baggage Volume cu.  ft.                         61 + 21

Cabin Door Size H/W in  ft.              3.16 x 3.41

Cargo Door Size H/W in  ft.                  4.1 x 3.4

Passenger Seating                                        9 + 1


11,817 TTSN


PT6A-34 715 ESHP - 521.7 TTSN


Hartzell HCB3TN-3DY 3 Blade Reversing:

VP-CLK turbine mallard on takeoff

Takeoff from Turtlehead Island, Australia

Additional Equipment

  Certified single pilot IFR/day/night/land/water/known icing

  Long range tanks (4200 lbs)/14000 lbs gross weight

  200 mph cruise/7 hrs. range

  Ten pax executive interior w/original teak appointments

  4 reclining chairs + 2 club + 3 place sofa

  Portable bar unit and hot cup

  Separate lavatory compartment with monogram flush toilet

  250 amp. Lear/Seigler starter/generators

  Edison continuous loop fire detect w/halon extinguishers

  Frakes hydraulic mods w/nosewheel isolation valve

  Cargo door                             

  Auto feather system

  Air pump converter

  Whelen strobe

  Scott crew oxygen

  Cargo nets

Mallard Aviation's J-34 slow taxi